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Relax - We Do All The Work
A truly hands-off investment.

We provide a full management service that includeds all aspects of lettings. Lettings is the heartbeat of any property investment and it is an area in which we excel. We currently manage over 100 assets in over a dozen Northern cities which gives us great local knowledge and experience. The integrated business model delivers properties that are suitably located for strong tenant demand and proximity to key institutions such as universities and hospitals.

Adavo provides a turn-key service designed with the investor in mind. The figures supplied on each property will included full management, tenant find, referencing, and the handling of any maintenance issues or otherwise. It is truly a hands-off armchair investment.


Great Property Always Lets Quickly
Market leading room sizes, presentation and service.

Our joint ventures fund the full renovation of each property. This is important on several fronts. Firstly, great property will rent quickly. The renovation process places your finished property in the top 5% of the market; ahead of the vast majority of competition. At that level we expect to rent each property within the first 3 viewings.

It is a statement of fact that most of our properties are let in the first or second viewing. From that point it is a question of ensuring that the correct references are undertaken, parental guarantors secured, all to ensure that the right tenants are allowed to move in to these luxury properties.

Crucially, let properties will be more saleable assets as part of the joint venture structure.


Why Use Us?
Our unique selling points

We have an energetic, vibrant lettings agency with a passion for property. Our service has been designed to offer an efficient, smooth experience that surpasses your expectations. Whether engaging our tenant find service or partnering with us for a rent receipt or fully managed service we work harder to make sure we perform.

In lettings the phrase ‘time is money’ is very apt. We recognize the need to turn things round within days in order to get the property to market quickly and get tenants through the doors. Our service level standards have been set to ensure this is the case with one, ten or a hundred property portfolio. A huge amount of our service is now automated which gives a speedy, uniform landlord experience on every property.


Established Process Management
Standardised tenancy agreements. Standardised systems. Standardised everything!

We have developed our processes and systems over years to reach the point of a standardised process management from start to finish. Each stage has a paper trail and accountability to ensure that our strict quality standards are observed.

Our lettings management and marketing systems are modern and fast. We use all majors websites for our advertising as well as linking in with local institutions like university accommodation services, hospital and large local employers. Every aspect of the market is covered in a blanket approach to marketing each asset.

As an investor you have the confidence of knowing that alls aspects of the investment are in-hand and being managed effectively.

high yield property by adavo property high yield property by adavo property