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Invest In Income-Producing Assets
Take a passive income from property every month.

Adavo Workspace specialise in high yield serviced office space. We offer a designed property investment service that takes advantage of current market conditions to produce high income within a risk managed approach. Our investors are capitalising on low purchase and development costs and very strong tenant demand. The properties are delivered as showroom investments and are ready to let. We provide a first class investment service by delivering high quality assets that produce returns from day one. Our niche is the serviced office market because the assets naturally yield higher returns than many other aspects of the UK property market.

The properties are bought at their current RICS market valuation. The yield starts on day one and prices are currently at a low point in the cycle. We provide high quality property investments that will sustainably produce high net income.


Workspace - A Growing Market
Serviced offices are becoming ever popular.

The UK serviced office market is estimated to be valued at around £16bn in 2018. This is expected to rise fourfold to £62bn in the next ten years. Adavo has been operating in this market for years and has several operational projects and a wealth of industry experience to draw on. We are aiming to expand to 30 business centres over the coming years and our joint venture partners underpin that growth.

Industry leaders such as Regus, WeWork and The Office Group are all reporting strong growth, investing heavily in their growth and anticipate a huge growth in demand as the market evolves. Occupier demands are changing with tenants needing smaller, more flexible space which is best catered for within serviced office centres. Office subscriptions are becoming the norm rather than the exception.


An Investment Developer
Properties conceived as investments from day one.

Occupiers like to live close to their workplace and to readily accessible transport links so we source our buildings in town centres and well established areas. Everyone likes to live and work in nice accommodation and that’s why we position each asset (multi-let or otherwise) to be in the top 5% of the market. It keeps the occupancy high, consistent, and reduces maintenance costs. The assets then deliver high yields on a sustainable basis. Each property is an off-the-shelf high yield asset.

Add to this the fact that we operate in a growing market and the offer becomes even more attractive. This is an income based property investment with a good potential for long term sustainable growth. A property investment with Adavo Workspace is a safe haven for capital in difficult market conditions.

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