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Invest In Income-Producing Assets
Take a passive income from property every month.

Adavo Property specialise in the multi-let accommodation market. We offer a designed property investment service that takes advantage of current market conditions. Our investors are capitalising on low property values and very strong tenant demand. The properties are delivered as show home investments and are ready to let. We provide a world class investment service by delivering high quality assets that produce returns on day one. Our niche is the student market because the assets naturally yield higher returns than any other aspect of the property market.

The properties are bought at their current RICS market valuation. The yield starts on day one and prices are currently at a low point in the cycle. We provide high quality property investments that will sustainably produce high net income.


Headline Figures
Average figures and facts.

• £100,000 to £250,000 market value purchase price.
• £30,000 to £75,000 deposit per property.
• From £871 (3 bed) to £2,322 (8 bed) per month gross rent.
• 7-10% plus net yield per annum.
• Purchase in 2-4 weeks.
• Buy an income.
• Parental guarantors on all tenants
• Multiple long term exit routes (home buyers, funds, landlords)


An Investment Developer
Properties conceived as investments from day one.

Students like to live close to their university and to their entertainment so we source our student properties in established student areas. Everyone likes to live in nice accommodation, even students! That’s why we position each asset (multi-let or otherwise) to be in the top 5% of the market. It keeps the occupancy high, consistent, and reduces maintenance costs. The assets then deliver high yields on a sustainable basis. Each property is an off-the-shelf high yield asset.

Add to this the fact that we are currently at a low point of the market cycle and the offer becomes even more attractive. This is an income based property investment with a good potential for long term capital growth. A property from Adavo Property is a safe haven for capital in difficult market conditions.

How It Works
Adavo's Impressive Property Model.

We provide luxury multi-let houses that cater for the higher end of the student and professional property market. The market has proven to be one of the most stable in recent times and is a non-cyclical investment, meaning that it will still perform very well during a recession or otherwise. The natural 8% plus yields make each property an income producing asset with an excellent outlook for growth over the medium to long term.

Premium Market Positioning.

Each Adavo Property sits with pride at the top of its market sector. The standard of the refurbishment ensures that the property is in the top 5% of the market. Great properties have high occupancy rates.

High Monthly Income.

The room-by-room rental nature of HMO (Houses of Multiple Occupation) property dramatically increases the rental income of the asset. High income gives high yields.

Stable Student Market.

Demand in the student sector has been constant for 120 years and more. Every year a new wave of tenants flood the local area and the best properties enjoy occupancy all year round. The student market is known for its stability, particularly in a recession when applications typically increase.


Quality Tenants.

Our premier accommodation attracts a premium rent which in turn attracts the more discerning tenants. Mature student applications are at record levels and the professional market now attracts far more affluent tenants wanting to live and share nice houses. Each tenant undergoes reference checks to ensure reputable occupants in each property.

Capital Growth.

The best property investments come with both a high income and excellent prospects for capital growth. Our product delivers exactly that; market leading yields with prices at a low point in the cycle - primed for growth over the medium to long term. Every house comes with a current RICS valuation that confirms the property’s market value. Yields are now the highest they have been for years with prices well positioned for good long term growth.

The Right Product At The Right Time.

Adavo Property offer a world class customer service that has been designed to compete across all industry sectors. A large part of that is delivering an investment that performs year on year.

Parental Guarantees on Income.

Tenancy contracts in the student market enjoy the additional security of parental guarantors. This give the buy-to-let investment a low default rate with effective recourse from parents.

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