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In-House Teams
All aspects of renovation work covered

Adavo Workspace have our own renovation staff that fulfil the majority of our schedules. Having our own teams allows us to develop an in-depth knowledge of the materials we work with. We use standardised kitchens, bathrooms and furniture which improves quality and makes our renovations consistent. Schedules can be accurately predicted and each job provides a benchmark for the next. This has allowed us to develop a refined renovations process that stands a much greater likelihood of running on-time and on-budget.

We have also developed an extensive network of industry contacts to allow us to expand and contract quickly. Overflow agreements with local contractors offer flexibility and allow Adavo to adapt to a greater number of renovations over a short term whilst keeping fixed overheads low.

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Our bespoke design & build system

Adavo has developed its own bespoke system for renovating business centres that we call Carousel. It allows us to standardise our approach for each building and oversee a well managed process from design to build to management. Carousel allows us to efficiently manage the buying process and line up the renovation team to be on-site immediately upon legal completion of the property purchase. We progress a set schedule of works over a phased delivery programme which allows us to bring workspace online quickly but within a quality controlled process.

Our standardised approach allows us to plan with detail and monitor on a day by day basis. We know how much our fittings cost and how long they should take to fit. The renovation is a key process of the entire business model and we excel in this area. It has taken years to refine our processes to this level and it shows in the standard of each property we sign off.

Carousel renovations system

A Passion For Quality
Market leading specifications from Adavo

Our renovation aim is to deliver a first class property on-time and on-budget. The business model calls for each property to be positioned within the top 5% of the market. This means that we need to tightly control the quality of each job throughout the renovations shedule. Our project managers have experienced eyes for both the work and the team; we need both to be of the highest calibre. Adavo Workspace is a premium brand and we need each investor to experience the 'wow' factor when they view one of our buildings. We do this by having a passion for quality.

Adavo produces workspace we can rightfully be proud off. A seperate and independent snagging process is undertaken which means that before a building can be signed off it has to go through several pairs of experienced eyes to correct any defects and ensure that our quality matches our ambitions.

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